What we do

This project is a comprehensive initiative which combines various activities, tools and event formats to address the gender pay gap in the Czech Republic throughout the economic market, involving many industries, regions and various types of employers. It involves diverse partners from academia as well as corporate and public employers. It builds on expertise, on sharing experiences, on sharing good and bad practices. For the Czech environment, the project adapts the Swiss tool Logib to verify equal pay for men and women, prepares analytical documents, spreads awareness, provides consultations and education while monitoring current topics at the national and international level.

This project responds to, among other things, the findings of a study by the European Trade Union Confederation which states that if the remuneration situation in the Czech Republic develops at the same rate as before, women’s and men’s earnings won’t be comparable for over 100 years — in 2121. The 20% lower average income of women compared to that of men places the Czech Republic in next to last place among the countries of the European Union from the perspective of wages and salaries.

This project emphasizes the aspect of transparency in all phases of the candidate/employee and employer relationship: in recruitment advertising, in interviews and negotiations on remuneration and other components of wages/salary, in regular evaluation, in career growth and in other working conditions.