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New York, March 2023 — The Czech Republic, together with the European Commission and Costa Rica as co-sponsors, organized a side-event at the 67th UN CSW to discuss pay transparency in the context of the digital age. Participants filled the

The CEO of Mondelez ČR Ivana Tumova organized a lunch to promote Equal Pay Day Česko conference in March. The meeting focused on the possibilities of improving the position of Czech women not only at work was attended by many

Equal pay needs to be further explained and addressed in practice. Experts, companies and system institutions agree. On Tuesday 15 November 2022, at the final conference of Gender Pay Gap Reduction Portfolio of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Within the 66th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66) we organise the side event: „Institutional Mechanisms for Efficient Gender Pay Gap Reduction“ 21. 3. 15: 00 – 16:30 h, online:

The topic of pay equity for men and women resonates not only in the commercial realm but also in the public sphere. The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR), a major provider of research support — for which

Hana Brablcová In late August this year, the Constitutional Court ruled on a case that unexpectedly stirred up the debate on „what is fair remuneration for work“. The crux of the dispute in this case was not the different remuneration

Empowering women in the workplace could potentially unlock as much as €146 billion annual in GDP for the CEE region, says a new study focused on the economic potential of a gender-balanced society across seven Central and European countries. McKinsey’s

In recent years, more and more employers have started to be concerned about the state of remuneration in their companies. They monitor the situation and, when they come across irregularities, they try to remedy them. This also applies to equal

In May, the 22% TOWARDS EQUALITY project, in cooperation with the Ontario Pay Equity Office, hosted an online seminar for professional community entitled How to Compare Equal Work and Work of Equal Value at the Workplace. The Pay Equity Office

OB COMPARISON IN RELATION TO PAY EQUITY – ONTARIO’S APPROACH TO EQUAL PAY FOR WORK OF EQUAL VALUE Canada has been a proud member of the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) since its launch at the UN General Assembly in

One of the main causes of the gender pay gap is the fact that the situation is not transparent. Female and male employees do not know how much they can ask for in a certain position, and employers often derive

The principle of equal pay for work of equal value is nothing new. On the contrary, it has been enshrined in the International Labour Organization Constitution since 1919. However, in the Czech Republic for example, the gender pay gap of