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In May, the 22% TOWARDS EQUALITY project, in cooperation with the Ontario Pay Equity Office, hosted an online seminar for professional community entitled How to Compare Equal Work and Work of Equal Value at the Workplace.  The Pay Equity Office then summarized the conclusions of the seminar on the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) website, highlighting the project’s merits in the area of pay equity in the Czech Republic: „The Czech Republic has already made admirable progress in redressing the gender wage gap, much of it due to the tremendous efforts and dedicated work of the ‚22% Towards Equality Project‘.“ The Pay Equity Office also pointed out the project’s wage and salary calculator and the adaptation of the Logib analysis tool to the conditions of the Czech Republic, and described both tools as inspiring.


The Canadian province of Ontario has paid close attention to equal pay issues and in 1987 it passed legislation on the issue: Ontario’s Pay Equity Act. The Pay Equity Office also continually educates businesses and organizations and develops programmes and tools to combat stereotypes about women’s work. As a result, the Gender Wage Gap in Ontario dropped from 18% in 1997 to 12.2% in 2018. This is a great result that motivates us to keep working!


„We are very grateful for this cooperation, as well as for praiseful words of our Canadian colleagues who are much ahead of us in the GPG solutions and experience. Feedback on our 5 years of work and efforts is also extremely important to us. The exchange also confirmed that the nature of issues around GPG reduction strategies are quite universal, which is good to know,“ says Lenka Simerská, the project’s Chief Administrator and Head of GPG Reduction Portfolio.


The Project’s Expert Guarantor for Equal Pay Methodologies, Petra Sofie Haken, who stands behind the organization of the seminar adds: „We have learned many inspiring details which are valuable for our fine-tuning of tools. Especially significant for us is the take on the value of work and its comparison in Ontario’s practice.“

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