About us

We are a five-year systemic project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs focused on solving the problem of unequal pay for women and men in the Czech Republic.

In pursuit of our goal, we cooperate not only with the Labour Office of the Czech Republicthe State Office of Labour Inspection and the Office of the Public Defender of Rights but also with other political bodies, non-profit organizations and scientific facilities.

Thanks to this unique cooperation, a number of specific tools and practical approaches can be created to solve the problem of unequal pay. Find out more by exploring this website.

The project „Equality of women and men on the labour market with a focus on (un)equal pay for women and men“, registration number: CZ.03.1.51 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_009 / 0003702, is financed from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Employment and from the state budget of the Czech Republic.

Our objectives

Goal 1

Start the process of reducing the gender pay gap in the Czech Republic

Goal 2

Raise general awareness of the very existence of the problem

Goal 3

Connect and activate everyone affected by this issue. Employees, employers, responsible state administration institutions, social partners and the general public

Goal 4

Design (and thoroughly verify in practice) new and effective approaches that will help solve the problem

Goal 5

Contribute to greater transparency of remuneration in the Czech labour market