The logib tool

The Logib analytics tool allows both private and public sector employers to test the level of equal and fair pay for women and men within their organizations. It works very easily and without the need to share sensitive data with anyone.

The tool was developed and is being further developed in Switzerland. It has proved successful not only there but also in other European countries such as France and Germany.



We will tailor-make a proposal for measures to achieve wage and salary equality. We will introduce you to their short- and long-term benefits.


We will be happy to train you in the use of Logib and we will provide consultations via telephone, in person and online.

User friendliness

We guarantee an intuitive user interface and easy data preparation (for example in Excel).

Data protection

You don’t have to share personal data or data on wages or salaries with anyone – everything stays with you. In addition, Logib works with pre-anonymised data.


We will organize an opening meeting and a consultation workshop for everyone you want to participate with, where you will learn everything you need to know about Logib, its characteristics and possibilities of use.

Communication platform

We will provide you with a space for exchanging views and experiences with experts in economics, HR and equal opportunity. You will be able to participate in expert discussions and participate in raising awareness of fair remuneration.

LOGIB close up
With the help of Logib, employers will not only check whether they are paying fairly, but they will also learn what they may change in their approach to wages and/or salaries for men and women. It can involve, for example, setting up an internal plan for equality between women and men, streamlining work processes (for example by using flexible work tools), creating a talent program that takes into account the needs of men and women, or developing partial activities supporting leadership of both genders as well as their competencies in the field of work-life balance. The form of specific measures is, of course, only up to the employers themselves.

Where does it come from?
Logib was created by the Swiss Federal Agency for Gender Equality (FOGE). The tool is integrated into the Swiss public procurement system – only a company that rewards fairly can apply for a public contract in Switzerland. In the project 22% EQUALITY, the tool is being transferred to the Czech environment and its pilot testing is underway.

The technical requirements
The tool works on the basis of MS Excel, into which personal data is entered in the specified format. The calculation is made using regression analysis, which examines objective factors influencing the level of wages (including so-called human capital, i.e. personal characteristics such as training, length of experience or length of employment), and other data related to a specific job (required level of professional skills, management position). One of the independent variables is the gender aspect – Logib is thus able to identify whether it affects the amount of remuneration of women or men at a given employer or not. If so, Logib can calculate exactly what the difference in remuneration is.

Author: Federal Office for Gender Equality FOGE

Author: Federal Office for Gender Equality FOGE

Interview: Patric Aeberhard, FOGE