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Coronavirus penetrates into all spheres of our lives and fundamentally shuffles the cards even in the labour market. It can be assumed that more and more people from the most affected fields, especially gastronomy, hotel industry and tourism, will be looking for new jobs in other sectors. And it is no secret that, to a large extent, this concerns women. Tools such as OUTPLACEMENT, retraining courses and a payroll calculator can help them with this.

According to current surveys, about 28% of companies in the most affected sectors are planning to lay off their employees. These are spheres dominated by women who, according to the Manpower agency, look for new jobs most often in services, logistics and administration. These are mainly positions of receptionists, administrative support and business positions or jobs within customer service. (Manpower, Labour Market Index Q1 2021)

OUTPLACEMENT and retraining will help you find a job

“During the first wave of the pandemic, the Labour Office of the Czech Republic was already taking  measures to help dismissed employees find a new employer as soon as possible. These measures include, for example, the OUTPLACEMENT project and retraining courses with the financial support of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic,” says Viktor Najmon, General Director of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic. The courses are most often focused on obtaining driving and professional licences, including professional qualifications, and basic computer skills. They significantly increase the chances of employment also in social and personal services and in health care.

How much can you ask for? Calculate it in advance

For all those who are looking for a new job in the labour market and need to orient themselves in the current salary conditions, a useful tool is a earnings calculator which was created within the 22% TOWARDS EQUALITY project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA). It can be used to find out the range of the real amount of wages or salaries for a given position and for the selected combination of factors (age, field, qualification, region) and, based on these parameters, it calculates the percentage difference in earnings of women and men. To display the result, you just have to fill in a few fields.

Women are expected to ask for less

The calculator is mainly designed for women so that they realize that their male colleagues with the same professional qualifications often receive more money for the same or very similar work. According to the findings of the 22% TOWARDS EQUALITY team, employers expect women to have lower demands in terms of their remuneration. Thus, women lose part of their earnings during negotiations before even starting to work.

The calculator was developed by the Trexima company. It is based on the data taken from the Information System on Average Earnings which is the most comprehensive data overview of the earning levels and working hours of employees in the Czech Republic.